Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The Suki sensation is here

Wanna fuck me? – I’m talking to the graffiti artist, as it happens.

All hands to the pumps – Just getting him warmed up.

Come and get it, guys – They could break a neck doing that.

Feeling horny – A warm bath always has this effect on me.

Found the spot – She’s getting her money’s worth for sure.

Nice rhythm – I knew we could be firm friends.

I’m exercising – I’m expecting him back soon. I just want to be ready.

Lap dancing – I think he may take the hint.

No hassle – I’m not just there for the taking at parties unless a credit card payment has been prearranged.

A special place – A nice warm cleavage is ideal for nuzzling.

Yielding lips – I do yield a lot, don’t I?

What a shower! – I’ll be singing in the rain in a minute.

Suki takes what she wants – Where do these reporters get their information from? Oh, yes, Twitter. I should have known.

Suki’s solution to everything – Sometimes I can get impatient when it comes to satisfying my pussy’s needs.

Suki is gang banged again – Masked dick is a novelty for me but I guess if these guys feel safer, so be it.

The right lane – Life guards need encouragement now and again. Otherwise their job can become boring.

Suki gets her man – He’s fucking eighteen, OK? I don’t waste my see-thru lingerie on just anyone.

A magical story – Real life beats literature every time.

Suki makes her move – It’s not only his genitals that are on fire.

A warm welcome – I know exactly how to make someone feel welcome.

The night shift – Of course, it’s a private hospital. You don’t get this on the National Health Service.

Sex reception – What? You’ve never heard of the Sex Hospital?

Time for an admission – All the staff are so accommodating.

It’s an emergency – Even the porters are medically trained.

The treatment begins – I love my “work” at the hospital. You can really make a connection with the patients.

Sexual relief – The interaction is good for both parties.

Mutual benefits – Just think! I get paid for this as well.

Holler for pussy – My vagina is on tap 24/7.

I’m scrumptious – A little deforestation is needed perhaps, but stroke it while it’s there.

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