Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

The transformation of Suki

Love in the shower – Intimate affection AND saving water. The planet will be grateful.

Kissing in the storeroom – I’ve forgotten why we came in here originally but I know why we’re here now.

Suki struts her stuff – Butter is not melting in this mouth, honey.

In the bar naked – Of course, I work here, assholes. It’s a nude waitress service establishment. I didn’t just wander in off the street.

My brother and my girlfriend – Yes, she’s a waitress here too.

I miss school milk – Which is why I’m trying to get my fill now.

Dance away – She’s enjoying the music among other things.

The transformation of Suki – As a teen I was jealous of girls with big breasts who got all the best guys. I thought the solution to my problem of lack of sex appeal would be simple.

Suki, the relaunch – And simple it proved to be. With a little refining I became a sex siren.

My “fuck-and-go” policy – I creamed off all the guys I wanted with no apparent difficulty.

A chance encounter – It’s time I was completely naked if I’m to have a hot sex-on-the-beach threesome.

Fancy meeting you – Of course, we knew each other already and the meeting was not exactly by chance.

He’s loving the show – I guess watching a girl make love to your girl is a turn-on for a lot of men.

More suck for your buck – Later we get to suck loads of cocks and, of course, I’m happy to share the cum with my hot friend.

Suki and the gang – These bald guys certainly seemed to have saved up a lot of cum for me. Well, if they only meet up monthly, it’s not so surprising.

Suki takes one for the team – I think whacking my submissive ass satisfied the HR manager’s urges for the time being and the other girls were spared the rod on this occasion.

It’s cost her an arm and a leg – Yes, the patient care at this hospital does lack a certain finesse.

Classroom disruption – Good hearing is an essential skill in a teaching environment.

Black magic – I think another case where the benefits were shared out equally between us.

Showgirl Suki – Why spend your nights with beautiful, sexy girls if you don’t fuck them?

Collared – I’m being held prisoner and there’s no way I can escape. It helps that I don’t want to.

Chin up – I think I’ll pass on kissing her neck.

Intimacy – Getting up close and personal is good for employee morale.

Girls will be girls – That week bonding in a hotel definitely improved team working.

Great view from here – The boss can’t believe how well we’ve developed our interpersonal people skills.

He’s at it again – My boyfriend’s son is pestering me for sex once more. He has me over the proverbial barrel.

I’m lucky to have you – It’s true. He’s a much better lover than his forty-something father.

Shower dilemma – Whatever he chooses to do to me he always does it right.

Enslaved by you – A few encouraging words from me and he’ll fuck me until his Dad comes home.

His own private use – He wanks while looking at pictures of me. I’m so fucking flattered I could fall at his feet.

The whole package is perfection – He can blackmail me into doing anything for him with this kind of power over me.

The real thing – Luckily his appetite seems to match my own.

My body is a funfair – I can’t complain about the way he treats me but which part of me is the Big Wheel?

Desperate for a pee – I have to draw the line somewhere so that he continues to respect me.

It’s not a phase – I believe him and I believe in myself too.

Our little secret – Of course, it’s a secret no more, now that time has passed and secrecy no longer matters.

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