Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Wanton Suki

I need a moment – A girl sometimes requires a break for quiet reflection on the day’s events.

Tit-tastic – A useful fallback in an emergency.

Underwater cunts – Cooling off after the daily slog.

A hot meal – Tucking in to a well-cooked Suki.

Pussy power – Men do have their uses.

Meal deal – A whore’s doofers to start with.

Black lives matter – We all have a part to play.

Blondes are popular – I guess I just give off that grab-me vibe.

Cock for me – Ginger is so understanding of my needs.

A dog’s purpose – Cooperative canines are a blessing.

Sexy Rexy – Word spreads quickly through the doggy telegraph.

A well-trained companion – There’s definitely something truly wanton about me.

Dog lovers – In the thick of things, that’s me!

Classroom project – After class activities broaden a student’s perspective.

Tongues – Tickle those tips.

At the swinger club – It looks like we’re ready for the off.

New members – Privacy is a must for all concerned.

Recording for posterity – We might as well put on a show, I guess.

Hot, wet and sexy – That was just for starters!?

Suki and her Gypsy friend – We so admire one another.

Bikini porn – Let’s get down to the real thing, girl.

A frustrated landlord – We have a duty to encourage his frustration.

One way to pay the rent – I’m always prepared to help out a friend.

Suki in action – A private show is a tempting offer.

Private lap dance – Yes, I do like to see guys squirm with lust for me.

Out of the sun – You’ll get a better view without the shades.

Back in the bright lights – Now I’ve got you under control.

Suki for the chop – I wonder what I can use this for.

So delicious – I must taste good. He keeps coming back for more.

Rhythm method – I used to be a pigeon.

Banging – Banged up abroad.

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