Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Pendulum power

Here we are again – “Hello, campers. Welcome once more to Pussy Pendulum Island. We hope you enjoy your stay and make full use of all our facilities. Remember the pussies are here for your pleasure. Happy penduluming!”

A touch of déjà vu – Here a patient pussy pendulum waits for a regular client who has frequently sampled the Island’s delights. She has a good idea of what’s in store for her.

A cunt apart – The real face of Pussy Pendulum Island – a proud pussy – hangs in the games room.

Helpful landlady – A manageress at the Island resort helps prepare a pussy pendulum before she is forklifted to one of the Premier chalets.

Ready for punishment – In the recreation hall a pussy pendulum awaits punishment for breaching curfew.

Negotiating a settlement – A Human Resources representative discusses an amicable solution to the problem.

Savouring the prospect – Elsewhere a pussy pendulum slavers at the thought she is about to be penetrated from behind by a female client.

Ensuring obedience – A redcoat torturer (first class) pictured during a training exercise with one of the pendulum pussies.

Sex toy alert – A pussy by-pass operation involving a vacuum cleaner nozzle being inserted in the anus of this pendulum girl to suck out any undesirable residue.

The Master is home – Two pendulum pussies tense as they hear their Master enter his chalet. The proceedings are about to begin.

It’s complicated – A lot of effort goes into making sure each pussy pendulum is ready to swing.

Explaining the scenario – A guest outlines what he expects from the pendulum girl he has selected for the multiple fucking package.

Taking the load – Don’t worry. Those ropes will hold no matter how much the pendulum girl moves back and forth.

Teaching the new girl – A trainee pussy pendulum is shown the ropes before she too takes her place on the sybian and is tortured by the expert.

Oiling the offering – In the recreation room a pendulum girl is oiled up prior to a flogging by one of the Island’s whipgirls.

Helping hand – A pussy pendulum is prepared for ceiling decoration duty in the great hall.

A quick whip round – A pendulum pussy is flogged by a client to get her in the mood for sex.

New door knocker – One of the new-style patio decorations which will welcome guests to a deluxe chalet on Pussy Pendulum Island.

Wall-mounted sybian – Orgasm endurance training for a pendulum pussy. This could last for hours so we’ll leave her to it, shall we?

Good use of the roof space – Storage is always in short supply on the Island. Here three pendulum pussies are accommodated in an unused area while awaiting new clients.

Need a leg up – A pendulum girl awaits the fitting of a further rope which will suspend her ready for action.

What now? – This girl doesn’t know it yet but her next client is fairly short in stature so she won’t need to get any higher than she already is.

Trapeze artist – This pendulum pussy prefers to rely on her own strength of grip rather than dangling helplessly. The end result is the same, though.

Bedroom slave – With the slave’s hands and arms out of the way her client is free to do as she pleases and let’s be frank it’s pretty pleasing.

The torture dungeon – A familiar sight on the Island as the pendulum girls practise their routines.

Demolition derby – Reconstruction work on Pussy Pendulum Island has led one girl to take the whole pendulum thing to a new level.

A scapegoat – For those who fancy a ramble through the woods there are scapegoats scattered here and there to provide entertainment and light relief along the way.

Pendulums in the blood – Two pussy pendulums enjoy their time-off with some cunnilingus in the rafters, as you do.

Flashing in the park – Former pendulum pussies just can’t break the habit back in the big city.

Looking for the right branch – I suppose once you’ve been a pendulum girl it never really leaves you. I hope she finds what she’s looking for.

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