Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Perilous pursuits

What a rack! – Some girls will go to any lengths to be taller. I know we should all try to stretch ourselves by taking on difficult challenges but even with the help of an expert here this just looks like too perilous a pursuit.

Whipped into shape – They never played this game at my local pub. A pussy should be pampered not given a pasting.

Licking it over – This is much better. It’s hard to beat a good thorough licking. The leather straps would appear to be quite unnecessary though. She’s not going anywhere. Rather I think she’s coming.

Teasing out the pleasure – Well, her Mistress is going for every last drop, isn’t she? Sitting on a sybian, bound and gagged and clamped in all those sensitive places, no wonder she’s squirming and on tenterhooks.

Got any hang-ups? – Ahh! A handy carrying handle – what a good idea. “Bondage made easy” is our motto.

Come with me – A devoted slave in the hand is worth two strokes in the bush. Looks like she has plans for you, honeylamb.

Do as you’re told – “I give the orders round here, babe. You may be up shit creek but I’ve got the paddle, so get ready for the spanking of your life.”

The fear factor – “Please, sir, don’t put us in the boot of the car again. We’ll do anything you want. Honestly, we will.”

Comes with your room – Yes, at last, hotel rooms with a free slave included. Much better than a porn movie on the TV. When I say “free” I of course mean tied up and ready for use but without an extra charge to the room.

The bit between her teeth – The deluxe version, as ensuite as you can get. I can think of a dozen things I’d like to do with you, my darling.

Love slave on the menu – Wow, this hotel room idea has really taken off. Do the chambermaids do it for a little extra cash or do they bring in outside help? Maybe they’re volunteers from the local BDSM club. I’m joining first thing in the morning.

No questions asked – A silent witness doubling as a draft excluder! I shall stay at this Inn again, landlord.

Whatever you say – Another young lady who is bound to please. It looks as if you really can get the staff these days.

My pussy is ready, Mistress – This beats free coffee in the room any day. I shall have a slurp or two right away.

New trainees – A fresh package from Eastern Europe unopened on the bed. What a wonderful touch! Well worth the extra star, I reckon.

Double delight – Two sex slaves are obviously better than one. I’m glad I opted for the upgrade to Premium service.

Anxious to satisfy – Oooohhh, look what I found in the shower. A last minute scrub to get the room ready for the new guest.

Redhead in trouble – Well, these chambermaids certainly earn their keep. I’ll rescue her in a role-play and see what thanks I get.

Easily transportable – Oh, a take-away! Yes, you’ll fit in that trunk nicely, sweetheart. I’ll forget about the towels this time.

Surplus to requirements – I found this throw-away out beside the bins. Clearly she was for the lake but I took her home with me and we’ve been a couple for the last few months. The things people get rid of when there are still plenty of years left in them yet!

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