Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Perpetual promiscuity

Fuck me time again – If I look apprehensive it’s because I haven’t shaved my pubes and I’m never quite sure who will land in my bed next. I’m still Stateside and loving every minute of it gathering material for my next book.

Slurping is good – Of course, I’m as horny as ever and perpetually promiscuous as you can imagine. Coming in rivers means that slurping is unavoidable like when you’re eating soup. Maybe I should have given blondie here a spoon!

Suki says – Casting off my panties is understandable in this humidity but it still means my pussy could combust at any moment.

Vamping it up – Things are not helped by doing a striptease act at a Vampire Night Club. Why do I put myself in these situations? Am I crazy?

You’re kinda cute – Well, no, as it happens. I get my pick of the other girls and in our off-duty moments it’s possible to fit in a quick shag with some gorgeous dolls.

Fingering the farmer’s wife – I even got a session in the hay with the club owner’s wife which did us both no end of good.

Suki licky – She really enjoyed our encounter although she didn’t stop listening to her favourite sound tracks the whole time we were having sex.

Sexy Suki – I was in good form at a disco and attracted quite a bit of interest. It always helps when you sparkle in company.

Necking – I love having my neck licked and kissed as this girl quickly found out. She was game for a fuck on the powder room floor.

Kisstastic – Some serious making out in the psychedelic atmosphere of a motel room with a hottie from Tucson ensured I had another sleepless night.

Sex in the window – Just as well I grabbed this redhead when we were umpteen storeys up or people could have watched us at it through her apartment window. Next time I’ll choose someone with ground floor accommodation, I promise.

Prison reform – This just looks like the County Jail. It wasn’t really. Still, a memorable little orgy for all the right reasons. Another all-nighter!

Exploration – The first tentative steps of a seduction are all-important, even in a lesbian club. She looks as if she’s ready for some light refreshment while for me it’s a case of any nipple clamp in a storm.

Pussy on fire – Don’t tell me to go to hell before you’ve doused the flames coming from my hot pussy. I think I’ll need at least three Fire Department appliances in attendance for this one.

Octopussy – Obviously eight pussies are better than one and it’s great to have all those suckers around you but the cool drink and the even cooler pool are what’s important here. Servile seafood in San Diego with the gulls – what more could one ask for?

Scantily clad – Yep, I’m still going around in less than legal attire but I’m on vacation so why shouldn’t I? It’s the wind’s fault, officer. I’m innocent!

Four nudes at a bar – Even lil’ ol’ me has to relax sometime. Life is not one long perpetual orgy, even for good-time girls like me.

Gagging for it – Certainly I am, but butter is not melting in this mouth today, hombre, although maybe something else will. You tell me.

Psychedelic Suki – Yes, I’m seeing the bright colours again. I wonder why? All those cherries I’ve been chewing may be starting to have an effect.

Disco babe – Back to the disco and on the prowl again. If you have an appetite for young chicks this is the place to be.

Turn over a new leaf – The Fall is coming so perhaps I should start collecting some new leaves as they tumble in my direction. What do you think?

Blue pools – I could try my hair up with my blue contact lenses plus a dress held up by will-power alone.

Irish colleens – I could also go back to Ireland and fuck all the shamrock-wielding Tourist Board hussies I haven’t already had in the sack.

German maids – Or I could head for Munich and have my fill of those Teutonic maids in the Hofbrӓuhaus who come with the added benefit of all the free beer you can drink.

Sophisticated tastes – But my desire right now is really for some classy top-of-the-range English totty. I think I should make London my immediate target location.

Fucked in the ruins – Oops! First, however, this guy in New Orleans wants to fuck what brains I have left out of me. Yea, I could maybe put up with this for a while. No rush back to Europe really, is there?

Sayonara Suki – Oh, those bright colours again! A saucer of sake for Suki, if I’m not mistaken. Are these quails’ eggs all mine?

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