Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Pictorial pleasure

I’m fucking pissed – Yeah, I’m totally sloshed. So I’m just going to sit here and make myself come while you look at these drawings and do as you think fit. Signed: Your webmistress (hic).

Big shave day – It’s a big shave day for Suki and she doesn’t look at all pleased by the prospect. Still, a shaven pussy is essential for all pantiless girls, isn’t it?

Suki and the Mermaid – It was worth the effort after all. When you get a nibble you hope you’ll be able to land the catch of the day.

In water too long – It could happen to you. Stay in the Jacuzzi at the full moon for just one second longer than the manufacturer’s recommendation and you might become a mermaid too. There are obvious compensations, I guess.

Ring for service – It’s much easier to have a boyfriend on tap so to speak so that when you need a good service all you have to do is ring.

Answer to prayers – If you’re on a lucky streak you may get a double portion of dick and a dildo in your anus for good measure.

Genie dildo vibes – On the other hand you may just have to go to bed with a magic vibrator and hope you dream something nice and sexy.

Does it please you, master – Is my pussy to your satisfaction, my Lord? Or if you prefer my asshole… He’s outside in the cab waiting. I can get him for you.

Fucking celebrity – We all dream about fucking famous people. Each to their own taste, I reckon.

Kiss not enough – So he said he’d turn into a handsome prince after just one kiss which then became one go in my pussy and now another in my anus.

Keep trying – “It’s going to happen any minute now, Suki. I can feel those princely sensations are on the rise.”

Life is full of surprises – Well, he did turn into the Black Prince after all and now he’s back in my anus I don’t know what will happen next. I really hope it’s still all a dream.

Was that medal for fucking? – Shit, now he’s turned into a racoon. Can things get any worse before this nightmare ends?

Waiting for sailors – “While we’re waiting for the guys to get ashore can I suck on your tits, Suki?”

No need to get Grumpy – That wasn’t really necessary, Snow White. Instead of sucking off Grumpy you could have gotten away with just feeling Happy.

Lesbian queen – “Oh, God, Snow White. You’re almost as truly evil as me, but don’t stop. Fuck the Wicked Queen some more.”

How much heroin did you take? – Hey, Snow. It’s me – Suki. I’m no evil queen. You must be on something to make you act like this. Eaten any apples lately? Don’t let me stop you, by the way.

Ginger pussy – Now what this dream needs is some ginger pussy to spice it up a little. Ahem! It’s you and me, babe. Let me grind that ginger clitty.

Soooo good – Oh your pussy feels so wet and soft! I knew I shouldn’t have had that ginger ale just before bedtime.

Lesbian fun – “My God, Suki, you have a detachable dick. How cool is that?”

Minaret moment – “Allah be praised. A mini mosque up the vage is all I crave.”

Cam girls – While having lesbian sex I guess we could earn ourselves a little extra on-line, don’t you think?

Nothing for me – I don’t know what this blow job on my strap-on is doing for you, sweetums, but it’s doing nothing for me. As for the wings, I suppose we can put that down to Red Bull and the fact that this dream keeps getting weirder.

Give you the two fingers – Yeah, I’m just gonna let your ginger mate give you the two fingers and get back to those bottles of rosé wine I was drinking earlier.

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