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Playful ponies

The working horse – One of the range of activities on offer to guests at Pussy Pendulum Island is riding with pony and trap. Off-duty pendulum girls will transform themselves into first rate ponies and take you on a tour of the Island’s carriage-ways. The ponies are trained to respond to the whip and will “giddy-up” as soon as you give the command. Stable girls are on hand to get you underway on an exhilarating ride which will soon have those sexy ponies, with their pierced nipples and pussies, sweating and trembling as they gallop through the beautiful scenery of this Island paradise.

Untamed beast – If you fancy yourself as a rodeo king or queen you can have a go at roping “Black Beauty,” the resident wild gelding who will give you a run for your money.

Every little girl’s fantasy – On the other hand you may prefer taking a relaxing bubble bath with your favourite little pony. She’ll put a tail on you and frolic in the warm suds with you until all your dreams come true.

Train your pony – Yes, you can select and train your very own pony in Pussy Pendulum Island’s extensive stud farm.

Use the crop – Earn your pony’s respect by judicious use of the riding crop. A smack across the pussy will soon get her attention.

The Mistress is in charge – Pull hard on those reins and finish off a hard day’s training by showing your pony that you are on top. They know when it’s time for a thorough fucking.

Becoming intimate – The experienced rider can develop an intimate relationship with their pony, a mutual trust that they can return to year after year.

Sweet tooth – No need for a sugar lump when you can dispense this sweet treat. Your pony is in heaven and you’ll soon be in the saddle.

Assume the dominant position – The rider is in complete control. The pony is there to do your bidding. It is totally submissive in your presence without any need for a tongue-lashing.

Care for your beast – Every pony appreciates a comprehensive rub-down. It’s in your interests to have her in peak condition for the ride to come.

Fitting the right equipment – The stables on Pussy Pendulum Island come with the most modern range of equipment to ensure your pony is well-presented and ready for action. Take your time to get the adjustments just right. You’ll enjoy the ride that much more with the top gear on show.

Your pony trusts you – Madame Velvet knows that Diamond Pussy trusts her completely. Both pony and rider are as one when it comes to a hard ride across country. What a classic pair!

Ready for the trap – Here Bouncing Bertha gets ready to be harnessed up to her carriage. This experienced pony certainly knows how to pull her clients.

Hay there – She’s just after a good feed and resplendent in her racing colours. This pony will be clocking up the miles in no time. She’ll satisfy any rider, that’s for sure.

Acting up – It looks like this little filly is keen to get out on the road. She’s champing at the bit alright. Perhaps an acquaintance with the crop will settle her down.

Hanging on your every word – By contrast here’s a pony that’s all ears. Whatever you say she’ll do without any shying away. She’s all saddled up and rarin’ to go.

Contented show pony – One of the more placid inhabitants of the Island’s stables, this little lady will go for a canter at the snap of your fingers. Equally at home on the flat or over fences she’s a fine treasure to behold. You can bet on it. She’s a winner.

Awaiting the command – Primed and ready for the off is Golden Prancer. She’s closely attuned to the wishes of her Mistress and will be out of the gate like a rocket.

Crack of the whip – Two superb ponygirls act in perfect harmony to pull this wealthy guest to his destination on Pussy Pendulum Island.

Working as a team – Years of being together have finely tuned the skills of these two ponies. They act as one to give satisfaction to the guests on the Island.

Dressage here we come – Splendid beasts in all their finery! But who has let them into the great house when they should be in the stable? Someone’s for it!

A bit on the side – Two of the ponies enjoy a relaxing moment. They’ll be getting their oats any time now.

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