Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Pony predilection

Bare back – What is it with girls and horses, eh? You couldn’t prise them apart with a Swiss Army knife sometimes. I think it must be the exciting feeling of all that power and muscle between your legs. Riding bareback can give your pussy a genuine thrill. Let’s go for a ride, shall we?

Nude horse riding – This should really be an Olympic sport. She gets 10 in my scoring book any day. You bet!

Girl rides horse – You can build up a close and passionate relationship with that huge animal between your legs. When he gets the bit between his teeth her tits are liable to explode, I can tell you.

Saddle sore – “I’ve come three times already and we haven’t even got above a canter yet.”

Out in the field – “This is real love. Who needs a man when you can have a four-legged friend who’ll never let you down? I could just ride all day and make sure he gets his oats at night.”

Slave to love – “Oh, Velvet Underground the Third, please kiss me. I’ll give you a sugar lump for each kiss on my loving lips.”

Getting my oats – “After you’ve grazed your fill in the field you can start grazing on my pussy, Big Boy. It’s boiling over for you.”

Desperate for dick – “Sometimes she comes out first thing in the morning and gives me a blowjob. Perhaps she thinks I’m the postman. He has leant me his uniform on occasions when he didn’t feel up to it himself.”

Delish – “Go on admit it, love. It’s better than yoghurt first thing, isn’t it?”

Dream cock – “Some girls can’t get enough of me. I’m a Shire horse but it doesn’t stop them. They seem to go for the Extra Large size as a treat. Probably not what they’re used to but there you go. I’m not complaining.”

Gobble – “A real goer, this one. Once she got it in all the way to where her little finger is now. Respect, I say.”

Ah, bliss – “That’s better than any dog can give you, love, innit? Just rely on Old Nick to brighten up your day for you.”

Blonde optimist – “I’ve got to admire your enthusiasm, dearie, but I think you and I may be a tad incompatible in the penis accommodation department, if you get my drift?”

Messy – “Don’t spill it, darling. There’s many a mare would go apeshit for that premium stallion sperm there. You get it all down you and then we can go for a ride afterwards.”

I want a pony – There must be easier ways to get one surely. Have you tried the Knacker’s Yard?

Good to share – With a dick that size it’s probably a good idea to divide the workload. These girls look as if they’ve got teamwork down to a fine art.

Slurpy – Get off your horse and drink its milk. The results are worth waiting for. Just open wide and stay focused. There’s plenty for everyone.

Getting comfortable – A little ingenuity and you and your stallion will be in the family way before your feet touch the ground.

Give it to me – “One more time, Big Fella. I’ve got my lucky bedspread this time. All I need now is … whoa!”

Right there – “Yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, you galloping gourmet of the blind horse-dating world!”

Poised and ready – Just an ordinary day at the stud farm where the stable (?) girls collect their perks of the job.

With a little help – You’ll get that pony you’ve always wanted yet.

I want it – And you’ve got it, honey. It’s a bit impersonal though. Don’t you reckon?

Suck it to you – This is much more intimate, plus she seems to have picked on someone her own size for a change.

Friendly girl – Another young lady with ambition and a mission to achieve. She’s got him well tied up, that’s for sure.

All the way – Giving it her best shot, this babe has technique.

Love that cock – Is that an abacus bracelet for keeping a record of how many sucks before her lover comes? She may need a bigger one this time, methinks.

Loving it – Some girls just love cock, I guess. Here we have a prime example. One horse not enough for you, honey?

Better than a man – Quite probably but watch out for that scorpion on your hip, sweetie. I think he means business.

What a treat – Yes, she’s giving it everything. I suppose with the ranch hands off in the big city a country girl gets kinda lonely with just the Mustangs for company.

Horny, horny, horny – “I could do with another ride right now. Any offers?”

Unbridled fun – “Me and my Palomino are going to have some fun once I get this bridle off him. No, you can’t stay and watch. We’re a very private couple. Maybe next time …”

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