Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Pooch playmates

Doggy kiss – Ah! That’s how it begins. A simple kiss for a beloved hound, leading to a prolonged making-out session. Who could resist those eyes, that tongue? A pampered pooch meets perfect playmate and anything can happen.

Should I? – “What is my mistress offering me – a tempting snatch, two milk-white breasts? What can a doggy do but succumb (suck ‘em)?”

Let’s give it a try – “Lickable she is, a veritable feast of pussy! My cold nose grows hot with passion.”

Yummy – “Oh, yes. She’s getting turned on too. This could be the start of something big. Keep licking, slobber on that cunt. I am your good and faithful friend.”

Me licky – “Wow! She’s really getting into it now. She’s leading me on, officer. I cannot disobey her.”

Nice ass – “I shall sniff her anus while I’m down on her. She’s my type alright. I hope I’m up to scratch.”

Pedigree chum – “My favourite – a walk outdoors, culminating in cunnilingus. I’m lucky to have such a cute mistress, I know.”

Nude panting – “The bitch made me keep my socks on, but she’s up for it alright – a real raver for this Rover.”

Relax, bitch – “I know you’re excited but we have a long way to go. I’ve got staying power, me.”

Panting with socks on – “I wouldn’t be panting nearly as much if I didn’t have these socks on. Still, I can’t really complain. She’s a great ride.”

Dogging – “Yes, after the Alsatian has satisfied her he’s going to start on me. Ooohhh, I can’t wait!”

Lesbian trains dog – “Some expert coaching from my new friend and I’ll be able to stick my nose up any woman’s skirt with impunity from now on.”

Golden retriever – “Mmmhhh! I’ve always fancied a threesome with two bitches. It’s the soft, blonde fur that attracts them, I think.”

Nice mistress – “Oh, this phone sex is brilliant. Be more dog, they said. I get kissing with tongues and a tail wag and it’s free evenings and weekends with my broadband.”

Dog heaven – “Give it to me, big boy. You know what I like. I want to have your puppies. But no fleas, please.”

Dog tired – “Actually, I don’t think I can keep this up for much longer. I’ve been servicing lesbians all day, you see.”

69 with Rover – “When you’re a stud, like me, you get all sorts of ladies making demands on your time. It’s a dog’s life, you know.”

Doggy style – “Are you OK, darlin’? I’ll be finished in a minute. You just hang in there and then we’ll go for that walk you wanted.”

Whippet out – “I’m fast, me. Faster than a greyhound actually. Are you from Liverpool yourself, like?”

Dogtanian – “Good girl. You can have this gold necklace, if you like, after. Don’t say I’m not generous, as best friends go. One size fits all, that’s me.”

Go for it – “It’s my new perfume he likes. Essence of Ewe by Lentheric. Makes me irresistible to sheepdogs apparently.”

Husky whispers – “… and then I’ll take you rallying at Monte Carlo and we can pop over to Nice for some seafood and a bottle or two of Cabernet Sauvignon.”

No photos – “What did I say about photographs? Get out of here pronto, you tabloid hack, before I set the dog on you.”

White Fang – “Top totty, isn’t she, chaps? She just fell for me straight away at the Pound and we’ve been on Cloud Nine ever since. Yes, a romantic little dinner, I think, and then I’ll shag the ass off her. What ho!”

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