Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Positive portraits

Nude Suki – I love being flattered as much as the next girl and this portrait pretty well does it for me. While my tramp stamp may suggest that the sun shines out of my ass I think it’s really shining out of my eyes in this picture.

Lovely Suki – Yes, lying in a wind-tunnel covered in glitter is one of the hazards of being a model but at the end of the day it’s probably been worth it.

Reflective on floor – Is this how I do the cleaning? No, it’s just my posing instinct at work again.

Cocktail Suki – I’m in my element again – party girl with nothing on under my dress. I’m surrounded by balloons. So no change there then.

Party girl – Another party shot with glass in hand and wiping the sweat from my brow. It’s such hard work being decorative and social at the same time.

Riverdance Suki – Bejaysus and isn’t it yourself who’s asking me to dance? Sure I’ll just join you for a jig or two, so I will, so I will.

Suki de Ville – Yes, they don’t like it up ‘em! In this outfit I feel I need some protection. Anyone want a fork?

Suki hangs out – So I’m in gossip mode here. This is my stance in the bar when someone wants to hear my life story. I’m a good listener too – same stance though.

Sunbathing Suki – Here I am in San Diego about to be swallowed by a giant bagel. Do I look as if I need rescuing?

Manga Suki – So Manga Me has been training and working up a sweat which I’m about to alleviate with that fan between my lips. I wonder if I’ll have any more fans in my mouth today?

Suki has a ball – Doing my Christmas decorations already? I really should be punished but balls have always held a strange fascination for me. Getting them to hang right is so difficult though.

Magic Suki – I think I make the ideal waitress. I’ll certainly serve breakfast in bed for anyone who’s earned it.

You’re mine, baby – “OK, Suki. This is the only way I can be sure you’ll stay faithful to me for the entire day. When I come home from work I’ll release you and make it up to you. Until then you just sit there and behave!”

Eat me out, honey – Well, it seems more a case of me making it up to her. Still, the principle is a good one, I suppose.

Sucking Suki – It’s just as well the next door neighbour came in and serviced me earlier.

Buried treasure – And then there was the neighbour on the other side who obliged me too.

Suck me, Suki – Then, of course, one of my friends came round for coffee and one thing inevitably led to another.

Grinding to a halt – Later on another friend dropped in unexpectedly by which time I was pretty knackered.

Toon up wanted – Of course, I had to ask the next girl to tie me up afterwards so that my partner wouldn’t suspect anything.

Curvy redhead – Some people just ooze sexuality and can be hard to resist, I guess. She has that effect on me.

Purple pin-up – Come to think of it so does she!

Blonde waiting – No way! That’s my mom, people. I love her madly but I wouldn’t … I couldn’t. It’s not happening - period.

You know where I like it – Whoops! I forgot to mention the plumber who came to fix the shower.

The taste to come – He did a really good job but the shower will have to wait for another day.

Three at three – Then there was the Indian couple from across the road for afternoon tea. Well, it would have been racist to refuse and I will not be accused of that.

Best friend – Another friend rang to tell me about her pet problem. Her dog gets up to all sorts of tricks when she’s not looking apparently.

I’m pulling the strings – I fell asleep and dreamed I was Snow White and my partner was the evil queen. She was determined to torture me into submission.

This is why I’m Happy – When I refused to cooperate (in the dream) she turned me over to the seven dwarfs. For such little guys they sure had massive cocks!

All seven of you? – They fucked me all at the same time and I woke up covered in sweat. I think it was sweat.

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