Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

Prime posteriors

Pussy pendulums – I really like this girl. She’s going all out to impress with her fuller figure – the lips, the hair, the nails, the huge knockers, an ass the size of a small English county and more pussy lip piercings than a Russian brothel. This could be me in ten years, folks. I wouldn’t bet against it.

All butt – Here is a girl ruled by her ass. It towers over her like a watchful nanny. She’s trying to ignore its vast presence but she knows it’s there, lurking behind her, ready to step in and take charge at the drop of a hat.

Ass in the stars – This ass-trologist may be looking out for other celestial bodies but she’ll have trouble finding a better one than her own. In every ass-pect she exudes class.

Right on track – Perfect poise and natural elegance put this ass on a pedestal. This girl moves like a gazelle with a butt to match. She’ll never go off the rails with a rear end like this.

Airport ass – The compulsion to take off at the airport and display your perfect behind must be very hard to resist. Just drop those panties, honey, and show the world the importance of having golden globes.

Flying high – She certainly deserves the air time with this presentation package. A serene pussy topped by two rolling hills – scenery at its finest.

Glistening behind – Long hair, wet butt, hot pussy – another glimpse of posterior heaven that just shines out at you.

Wet ass in the jungle – Another damp one in the rain forest. Primeval butt roaming wild and untamed plus a pussy to-die-for. Whether it’s dew or sweat or raindrops I’d want to be the first to lick them off her satin-soft rear. I’m getting dewy-eyed just thinking about it.

Ass in the shower – Another of the wet and slippery variety combined with toned and tanned skin to reduce watchers to jelly. She’s transparently stunning, that’s for sure.

Bathroom butt – Relaxing in the suds this ass knows it’s photogenic and is determined to prove it. The contours and the sheen put it on a level all on its own.

Clean ass – This well-washed behind has a sparkling pussy to tempt any bathroom buddies to savour the view – a real sight for sore eyes.

Ass on glass – This ass has a pane underneath and is sporting another perfect pussy. I wonder will an alarm go off if the glass is broken?

Bedroom sweet butt – An ass that squirms and wiggles as its owner enjoys her body. Soft and round and clearly edible – a behind so sweet that diabetics should beware.

Big round butt cheeks – Pear-shaped and ripe for plucking – another top-drawer bottom draws in its numerous admirers.

Framed in the window – The crack’s good and the view is mighty. I hope she has a see-thru skirt to match that blouse.

Corridor cheek – A little romp for a petite rump. She’ll wiggle that butt the length of the building, bouncing with ass-urance all the way.

Wicker ass – No bamboo marks on this smooth-as-silk bum. She put her feet through the basket-work just so we could enjoy this magnificent rear view.

Sideboard shuffle – A little tweak of the pussy and another ass takes on a life of its own while the girl chats with her plants (as one does). Clearly she’s expecting someone. We may never know who.

Library ass – An intellectual backside at last. I can discuss literary concepts with it while I’m chewing on those delicious cheeks. It may even have read “The Pussy Pendulum.”

Indian ass liberation – Is she wafting her farts in our direction following last night’s spicy curry? No, of course not. This decorative booty is just hovering carefree at the entrance to the harem. The Maharajah may just have had his way with her and she needs the air to circulate to cool her off. When you’re hot you just seem to get hotter!

Tiny black butt – Meanwhile over in Africa this Zulu behind is posing for the wood-carvers who make all those ethnic souvenirs. I reckon she’d make a much better souvenir herself.

Teen ass – Young and feisty, a frolic with this rear end would soon put ass-ceticism far from your mind.

Cute little butt – A hallmarked ass with regal qualities, this one may be small but it’s perfectly formed.

Tight ass – Highly rated by many, the tight-assed female is very different from the tight-assed male. She’ll put out for a ride to remember while he won’t spend a penny.

Tantalising on tiptoe – Slim perfection in bronze, every room should have a corner unit like this one.

Happy round ones – Having the perfect ass brings perfect joy. Under the dome of delight is an expectant pussy to welcome visitors.

Lamp ass – The lamp may not be turned on but I think she is. Here is a richly textured ass with character.

Morning thong – Dawn is up and panties are in motion. The air is filled with ass-piration for a new day.

Stand-alone booty – She may be far away but the owner of this splendid rear is keeping her eye on it in case anyone might be tempted to snatch it from her. Who would do such a thing?

Rear to cheer – Everything is puckering – a pussy and an ass just crying out for fulfilment. Could anyone say no?

Symmetry – Geometrical perfection gives you (as well as the world’s mathematicians) goosebumps, doesn’t it? No wonder her pussy is smiling.

Hard push – Saddle sore from the ride you still have to give your all as the cycle of life moves on. But enough philosophy I want this ass for supper!

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