Suki Jensen-Ramirez
Suki Jensen-Ramirez

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Getting excited – When I get horny (which is most of the time) I just have to touch myself and strip off. Do you know that feeling?

Time to get naked – My thong slips off real easy when I’m in the mood to party.

Panties off – Almost there! I guess I should lie back and savour the moment before things get unsavoury.

Chic pose – Enjoying the view? I just love to show off what I’ve got. Hope you have a touch screen.

What next? – Should I play with myself some more? Just how naughty do you want me to get? I was born to be a naughty girl.

Pray for inspiration – This is a nice view of my pussy. As you can see, it’s welcoming. I’m just praying for someone nice to fill it.

Prime twat squat – My twat’s been shaven. Did I do a good job?

Table top pose – This is me being kinda shy. See, I can act real well when I put my mind to it.

Taking a breather – Modelling is much harder work than you think, especially if the photographer insists on stopping every five minutes to shag me.

Like me like this? – So I’m a one-tit-wonder in this shot. I’m still feeling just as horny though.

Me sexy – Pity you can’t see how wet my pussy is right now. Maybe you can imagine it from the look on my face.

Me funny – Only kidding! I’m really thinking about sucking cock – an impossibly large one preferably.

You like ass? – Here’s a close-up of my anus. It really loves being licked but then you know that already if you’ve read my book.

Ass open to offer – Any wagging tongues out there will be gratefully received – male or female, it doesn’t matter as long as they can move.

Maybe cunt better – If you prefer pussy to ass that’s cool. As long as I’ve got cock inside me I’m happy.

Hot on table – The buffet is served, people. Tuck in all at once if you want to. This girl wants to be fucked.

Pussy and anus for you – Just a little reminder of what’s on the table.

Very good pussy – You won’t find more accommodating genitalia this side of the Hudson. Or the other side, come to think of it. Please just fuck me.

Special place for cock and tongue – Or fingers and dildos if you prefer. I’m open for all kinds of sexual experience as you already know from “The Pussy Pendulum.”

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